Media Planner

What does a Media Planner do?

The role necessitates the identification of media platforms which will best advertise your client’s brand or product. You’ll work within advertising agencies or media planning and buying agencies, with the aim of maximising the impact of advertising campaigns through a range of media platforms.

Recommended courses

MSc Digital Marketing
MSc International Marketing
BA Business Management with Marketing
MSc Digital Sales and Management

What skills does a Media Planner need?

  • Commercial awareness and flair
  • Interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills for liaising with colleagues, clients and media organisations
  • Reporting writing and presentation skills
  • Numeracy and analytical skills are needed for data analysis and negotiations
  • Organisational skills
  • The ability to work with technology and software such as databases and spreadsheets for the collection and management of information
  • Multi-tasking ability and the capacity to work effectively under pressure
  • You may also need budget management skills in order to work out costs and book advertising space.

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