The Business School

The University of Law Business School is a faculty of The University of Law offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that prepare our students for the real world of business.

We apply the same approach to business education as we always have to legal training, from our connections to prospective employers, experienced staff, innovative teaching methods and a focus on employability.

Our courses are designed to ensure you gain formidable skills that will be welcomed throughout the business world. From working in multinational companies and finance to human resources, media, marketing, management and charities, your business qualification will be highly applicable across a wide variety of sectors. It will also equip you with the skills to start and run your own business.

Free Masters Offer

We are delighted to offer our existing and future Business School students the opportunity to undertake a business Masters course on successful completion of their undergradute degree at no additional cost.  This is truly unquie, we are the first and only university in the UK to offer free masters course based on your progression.  It is our commitment to ensuring that we equip our students to take on the challenges of an increasingly competitive business world.  For more information, please visit our Free Masters Offer page

We are pioneering a new model of business education to help our students develop their knowledge of business specialisms and go further in their careers including starting their own businesses and becoming the entrepreneurs of the future. We use practical methodology, based on applied workshops and active discussions.

Dr Andres Perez Ruiz, National Director of Business Programmes