Staff learning and development

The University of Law is committed to providing an environment where all members of staff can reach their full potential. The University invests in a broad range of learning and development opportunities, e-learning, knowledge shared through social media, toolkits and face-to-face workshops.

At our heart, we are a learning and development organisation, and we strive to ensure that our staff have the competitive advantage in today’s workplace.

Performance Development Review

The knowledge, skill and experience of our staff has a direct impact on the quality of service the University delivers to it's clients. It therefore makes sense to focus on our own performance through personal objectives, self-development and gaining an understanding of our organisation's priorities, to ensure we all play an active part in the University's success.

As individuals, we need to understand what is expected of us, how we can improve our performance and how we can deliver outstanding client service both internally and externally. With this in mind, we all have a responsibility to ensure that our own performance development review takes place – in return we will enhance our skills and personal reputation, whilst contributing towards the University meeting its strategic objectives.

Through this process we can all live the University’s values and contribute to the achievement of the University’s vision.