There are a range of schemes available from a number of external organisations which offer financial support and assistance to University of Law students including the new Student Loans Company Postgraduate Loan, Future Finance or Career Development loans depending on your course of study.

Please look through the funding options below to find out the best option for you. You can also consider a combination of funding options that may be open to you.

You can spread the cost of your training through our installment scheme; secure a loan to assist with tuition or living costs; or apply for our postgraduate scholarships. We’ve also published a wealth of information on other external organisations that may be able to help you fund your course.

5% Early Payment Discount

The University of Law is pleased to announce that it is offering a 5% discount on fee liability to postgraduate law students who make an early payment of their fee liability.  

To take advantage of this offer you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You will need to have accepted a place on a postgraduate course commencing in September 2016 (applicable courses are: LPC, LPC LLM, LPC MSc, GDL and BPTC)
  • Payment must be made to the University on or before 1 August 2016
  • Minimum payment to qualify for the discount will be the first liability of fees (as detailed in the fee schedule applicable to your course)

For further information please read our FAQ sheet or contact our Student Finance Officers on 01483 216380

We can announce that as of 6th July 2016 Metro Bank will no longer offering support to our  students.

Please see the section below for details of other funding options available.

Useful FAQ’s

What if I have a loan already approved?

Any students that have already secured a loan from Metro bank for the upcoming academic year, will have that application honoured and funding will be released in accordance with your loan agreement.

What if I have submitted a loan application but not yet had a decision?

Any applications already in progress will continue to be assessed however the decision will be at the discretion of Metro Bank. Metro Bank will not be accepting any new applications as of 6th July 2016

Will this impact on my scheduled repayments?

Repayments can still be delayed until you have completed your current course.

What if I want to cancel my application?

Students can cancel their applications with Metro Bank should they wish to by contacting Metro bank directly on 0345 450 3248.

What if I wish to transfer, defer or intermit?

Before you decide to transfer courses, you would be strong advised to contact Metro Bank to fully understand the impact on your funding. It is possible your application will be cancelled and you will not be able to submit a new application.

Students that wish to defer or intermit will have the loans cancelled for the remainder of this year and all scheduled payments in the future will be cancelled. You would need to research the funding options that are available to you when you return to your course.

Students can also reduce the loan amount they have applied for with Metro should they wish; however students should again be advised to contact Metro Bank as in some cases this requires the original application to be cancelled.


Sponsored students – Please note payment plan options are not available to sponsors.

The University of Law offers a range of flexible payment options to help you pay for your postgraduate course. We offer spreading out your tuition fee payments and the ability to make payments by direct debit.

Full time students can pick from a single instalment, 3 equal termly instalments or 10 monthly instalments

Part time students can pick from a single instalment, 3 equal termly instalments per year or 20 consecutive monthly instalments

Please note: VISA students are not eligible to opt for the monthly instalment options.

Payments from third parties or sponsors cannot be spread over instalments.

The first payment on a payment plan will be required the 1st of the month in which you start your course.

If you opt to select the monthly payment plan, you will be requested to complete a direct debit mandate to simplify the fee collection process every month. Please see below for more details

Fees and instalment schedules for our postgraduate courses

How to apply for the instalment payment plan

Students will be asked to confirm the instalment plan they have opted for when they accept the offer of a place.

As the student, you can change this selection prior to the course start by logging into the student application portal and changing the payment plan selection within your details.

Once you have received confirmation that your payment plan has been set up prior to course start, any changes will then need to be requested via email to

Payment by Direct Debit

If you opt to pay your course fees by Direct Debit, you will need to complete a direct debit mandate via the online portal after accepting the offer of a place.  This provides the University with an instruction to collect payments and provide you with a Direct Debit Guarantee.

You will need to have a UK bank account in your name in order to successfully pay your course fees by direct debit. You will receive notification from your bank of a successful agreement.


The mandates need to be received at least 20 days prior to the date of the monthly instalment. If a mandate has not been set up, students will be asked to pay for the first month manually via another method.

University of Law postgraduate scholarships

We have a large and generous scholarships, awards and bursaries programme, with a substantial fund available for our 2019/2020 courses. We’re giving 100% support to our students and enabling them to achieve their ambitions.

Financial contributions are available towards all postgraduate course fees and are available to those whose circumstances may otherwise prevent them from entering the legal profession. This may include those who do not possess the traditional qualifications or means to study at university.

To find out more about the scholarships we offer and to register your interest, contact:

This page gives details of useful contacts and links to relevant external websites that could offer alternative solutions to postgraduate law students.

Local authority grants

Some authorities provide financial assistance. For further information, contact your local authority.

Charities and grant-making trusts

There are numerous organisations that provide financial support to students. For further information, contact the Education Grants Advisory Service by e-mailing    

Funding for trainee solicitors
Employer sponsorship

Some law firms and other employers sponsor their trainees, paying course fees and living expenses. For further information see The Training Contract and Pupillage Handbook or visit Some firms also offer part-time study training contracts (PTS TC) combining part-time study (GDL and/or LPC) with full-time work, half of which can be counted towards the two years required to complete a training contract. For further information visit the Solicitors Regulation Authority website.

Law Society bursary scheme

If you have no other funding, you may be able to get a bursary from the Law Society. Applications must be made by April of the year you start your course. For further information call (0) 20 7242 1222, e-mail or visit the Solicitors Regulation Authority website 

Funding for trainee barristers
Inns of Court scholarship

Partial funding is available from the Inns of Court for qualifying pupils, GDL or BPTC students. For more information, visit the website of your chosen Inn.

Barristers’ chambers

All chambers should award a minimum grant of £12,000 over a one-year pupillage. For further information, see The Pupillages Handbook available from the Bar Standards Board website

HSBC Bar student loan package

HSBC has withdrawn the Bar loans scheme. The Bar Council is in the process of trying to establish a similar scheme with an alternative bank.  

Study bursaries for LLM students

Postgrad Solutions Ltd is offering two Global LLM Study Bursaries, each to the value of £500. They are open to both international and UK students, and aim to help students fund their chosen Master of Laws programme.

Further information and details of how to apply

Further information on funding postgraduate study

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