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  • Choosing to study at university is a big decision. There’s a lot to consider: the course, the location, the fees and how they can be paid. The University of Law is a private institution and as such we differ slightly from other universities.

    We offer our LLB (Hons) courses over a two, three or four-year duration, to allow our students to choose the route that suits them most.

    The University of Law also charges different tuition fees depending on your residency classification within the UK. Decisions on the fee status of an individual applicant will be made based on the information provided to UCAS at the time of you application and will be confirmed when a student is offered a place on the course.

    For courses starting in September 2016 we are in the process of finalising the course fees and they will be published soon. In the meantime, please refer to the fees stated below as a guide. 

    More details on the definitions being used to classify each student.

    • LLB programme fees 2015 entry
      Home fees (UK/EU students)

      Instalment 1 Due 20 September 2015 Instalment 2 Due 1 January 2016 Instalment 3 Due 1 April 2016
      2 year Accelerated LLB
      If you are funding your fees privately 
      Total course fee £18,000, £9,000 per year
      £3,000  £3,000  £3,000 
      3 year LLB 
      If you are funding your fees privately
      Total course fee £18,000, £6,000 per year
      £2,000  £2,000  £2,000 
      4 year part-time LLB
      If you are funding your fees privately
      Total course fee £18,000, £4,500 per year
       £1,500   £1,500  £1,500

      Please note that by paying via instalments, the first instalment is required to be paid prior to the start of the course, in your year of entry.

      If you accept a place at the University of Law and then decide you do not wish to take up this place you will need to request the cancellation in writing to the admissions department before the 20 September in order not to be liable for the first instalment of tuition fees. 

      Student Support/Funding your course

      If you are classed as an UK or EU national and resident, you may be able to apply to the UK government for support to assist with covering the costs of this course, subject to meeting the individual eligibility requirements. More information on the support that is available can be found in the funding section.  Find out more

      If you are successful in securing a UK government fee loan, any payment would be made for fees would be made directly to the University of Law in three instalments throughout the course. As we are a private institution, the maximum fee loan that can be awarded to study a full time degree here with us is £6000 per year and £4500 per year for the new part-time degree course.

      Students looking to study on the 2 year accelerated LLB course will incur fees costs that are higher than the maximum support available from the UK government. As such these students will be responsible for paying at least £3,000 of the fees yourselves. Students will be asked to pay this amount in two equal instalments of £1,500 each due on the 20 September 2015 and again on the 1 January 2016. Students should note however that this accelerated version of the degree will save you money overall as you will not need to fund a third years of living costs.

      If you have secured a UK government loan, in order for the University to receive tuition fee payments from the Student Loans Company (SLC), you must provide us with a copy of your University and College Payment Advice letter at registration. If you are unable to provide this notice from the SLC at registration, you will be responsible for paying the full tuition until the university has seen evidence of your support entitlement. 

      Guide to Financing your LLB in 2015

      Our guide to financing your LLB in 2015 is available to download, covering information on fees, financial help and information about repaying student loans.

      Download our 2015 guide to LLB Fees and Funding

    • LLB programme fees 2015 entry
      Overseas fees (non EU students)

        Instalment 1
      Due by 20 September 2015 
      Instalment 2
      Due by 1 January 2016 
      Instalment 3
      Due by 1 April 2016 
      2 year Accelerated LLB 
      If you are funding your fees privately (Paying full tuition fees of £11,500 pa) 
      Total course fee £23,000, £11,500 per year
      £3,833 £3,833

      3 year LLB  
      If you are funding your fees privately (Paying full tuition fees of £9,500 pa) 

      Total course fee £28,500, £9,500 per year
      £3,167 £3,167 £3,166
      4 year LLB 
      If you are funding your fees privately (Paying full tuition fees of £4,500 pa)   
      Total course fee £18,000, £4,500 per year
      £1,500  £1,500  £1,500 

      Please note that by paying via instalments, the first instalment is required to be paid prior to the start of the course, in your year of entry.

      If you accept a place at the University of Law and then decide you do not wish to take up this place you will need to request the cancellation in writing to the admissions department before the 20 September in order not to be liable for the first instalment of tuition fees.

      Students who require a visa to study in the UK

      Students who will require a tier 4 visa to enter the UK to study will need to pay 25% of the total course fee in the first instalment, £5,750 for the 2 year courses and £7,125 for the 3 year courses. This is in order to meet the requirements of the visa application. However fees for year 2 and 3 will be split equally over the whole year.

      For students who require a tier 4 visa, the initial fee payment must be made before any Confirmation of Accepted Studies (CAS) letter can be issued to apply for a visa. Therefore it is strongly recommended that a student requiring a visa pays the initial fee at least 4 weeks before the course starts to allow for any visa application to be processed.

      The new Part Time LLB will have a set fee for 2015 entry that will not be affected by a students’ residency status within the UK. However we can confirm that The University of Law is unable to sponsor a part time student for the Tier 4 visa; as such any student wishing to study part time will already need to be able to enter the UK without the need for a student visa.

      Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)  
      If you need to be sponsored under Tier 4 of the points-based system, the University must issue you with a CAS before you can apply for your visa. You must have paid at least the first instalment of your Year 1 course fees before the University can issue this to you. 

    • Course fees

      How you will be required to pay the tuition fees will depend on your residency or funding status. 

      More information regarding fee payments and liabilities can be found in our terms and conditions  

      Finance terms and conditions

      Finance  terms and conditions for LLB undergraduate law degree.

      How to pay your course fees

      The course fee pays for tuition, text books, course materials and learning resources. Course fees exclude examination resits which will be charged for separately.

      Please note that there is no need to contact the University to check whether your payment has been received as there are automatic processes to acknowledge both payment and outstanding payment.

      When and how much should I pay?

      Fees can be paid either in full or by instalments. Please refer to the University's  finance terms and conditions for details of payment deadlines.

      If any part of your fees is being paid by the Student Loans Company, you will need to bring a copy of your University Payment letter with you to registration so The University of Law can arrange for the correct fees to be collected directly from the SLC.

      The maximum funding you can receive from the Student Loans Company towards tuition is £6,000 per annum for a full time course or £4,500 for a part time course as we are a private institution. If you will be attending the 2 year Law course you will therefore be personally liable for the remaining £3,000 fee per annum. 

      Currencies accepted:

      We only accept payments in Sterling

      How should I pay?


      (a) Online with a debit card using the Web Payments Service
      (Credit cards are not currently accepted on this service)

      The web payments service allows you to view your account and pay your tuition fees instantly over a secure connection at any time of the day or night.

      Login to web payments service

      You will need your Student Reference Number and you will be asked to create a password.

      Then follow the on screen instructions.

      You will be asked to enter your card and cardholder details including an e-mail address. When the transaction is successfully completed you will be e-mailed a receipt and the transaction details.

      The University does not add a transaction charge for payments made by debit card.

      (b) By Bank Transfer

      If you want to pay from your bank account then please pay 'The University of Law Limited';

      Bank: Natwest 
      Address: Fleet Street (B) Branch
      P.O. Box 281
      156 Fleet Street 
      EC4A 2DX 
      Account No. 61481211 
      Sort code: 60-80-08 
      Swift: NWBKGB2L 
      IBAN: GB85NWBK60800861481211

      It is important to state your Student Reference Number in the reference field. Without this information we cannot identify your payment and your account with the University will have an overdue balance. In addition to any bank charges levied by your own bank you may incur a small commission charge levied by The University of Law Limited bank which is payable by you.

      (c) By Online Paperless Direct Debit

      To make payment of your course fees by direct debit please click on the attached link, enter your ELITE login details and complete the Direct Debit mandate online using your UK bank account details.

      Pay by online paperless direct debit

      The University of Law will send you a confirmation letter via e-mail to your University e-mail address once you have set up your direct debit details and will send out an advance notice letter 10 days prior to payment being taken from your nominated bank account. Please note that the nominated bank account must be the student's personal account and excludes bank accounts in joint names.

      (d) By Credit Card face-to-face or over the telephone at your chosen centre

      To pay your course fees by credit card please contact your study centre directly and make a payment in person or over the phone. You are encouraged to do this early and to avoid the week immediately before the course fee due date due to high call volumes at this time.

      maestro  visa-debit  visa-electron mastercard jcb poweredByWorldPay

      The University does not add a transaction charge for payments made by debit card. 

      Cards accepted:

      Mastercard and Visa

      All credit card transactions are subject to a standard transaction charge of 1.7% to cover the merchant service charges imposed on the University by the banks.

      (e) By Cheque

      Cheques should be made payable to ‘The University of Law Limited’ and sent to Student Services at your chosen centre to arrive on or before your course fee instalment date. Please refer to the  terms and conditions for details of payment deadlines.

      Please write your student reference number, full name and course on the reverse of the cheque.

      If you pay by a cheque drawn on an overseas bank there may be a delay before the bank can process your cheque and you will be liable for any bank charge.

      How do I get a receipt or statement?


      You will be sent a fee request e-mail to your University and personal e-mail accounts when payment is due. This is a formal demand for course fee payment.


      When your payment has been allocated on our system, you’ll receive an e-mailed acknowledgement in your University e-mail account. This will include the value of your payment.


      Statements will be e-mailed regularly to your University e-mail account.

      What if I might miss the payment deadline?  

      As per the  finance terms and conditions of your offer, payment to the University is via a maximum of three installments.

      What if I have missed the payment deadline?

      If you miss the payment deadline, you risk being de-registered from the course and legal action being taken to collect fees. Examination results and assessment results will not be issued. Students who have not paid their fees will also lose their guarantee of a place on the next academic year.

      What if I cancel my place or wish to defer a reserved place?

      Please refer to the University's  finance terms and conditions for our cancellation policy.

      What if I have a different course fee query?

      If your query is not answered here, please get in touch with the finance contact at your chosen centre (see below).

      Please note that we have automatic processes in place to acknowledge both payment and any overdue balances, so there is no need for you to worry about contacting us to check if your payment has been received. 

      LLB Student Finance Officer
      Telephone: +44 (0)1483 216047

      Birmingham Finance 
      Telephone: 01483 216080

      Bristol Finance 
      Telephone: 01483 216220

      Chester Finance 
      Telephone: 01483 216388

      Guildford Finance 
      Telephone: 01483 216622

      London Bloomsbury
      Bloomsbury Finance
      Telephone: 01483 216450

      Manchester Finance 
      Telephone: 01483 216225

      Leeds Finance 
      Telephone: 01483 216682

      Contact us

      If you have any questions regarding fees and funding at The University of Law that are not answered on our website, contact our LLB Student Finance Officer on:

      E-mail: LLBfinance@law.ac.uk 
      Telephone: +44 (0) 1483 216047

      We will endeavour to process your query within 24 hours, however at busy times of the year such as enrolment or Clearing the response time will be within 48 hours.

  • LLB Scholarships

    The University of Law offers a range of scholarships and awards, specifically aimed at LLB students.  The merit-based LLB Law First Scholarships are aimed at the most academically gifted of our students, especially those with very high UCAS point scores. Our Scholarship Awards are competition-based and require the completion of a task in order to be considered.

    Please see The University of Law scholarship programme for full details.

  • Studying law provides you with valuable skills, no matter what line of work you want to go into

    Tim Peus, current LLB student
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