• Happy Valentine's Day
  • 12 February 2016

    It’s Valentine’s Day: should I date a lawyer?

    We all know that lawyers have singular qualities that can mark them out as great romantic partners. But they may not be for everyone, so to help you out we’ve put together our top five lawyer VSPs (Valentine’s Selling Points) for dating a lawyer:

    1. Seeing both sides

    The ability to argue both sides means your partner has the potential for great empathy and understanding. Obviously the drawback is that there will be times when it feels like arguing against a super computer – although chess players will love this aspect of their partner’s character.

    Happy relationship points: ***

    2. Hard worker

    Lawyers know the meaning of hard work as those qualifications aren’t obtained by sitting on their backsides doing their nails. This bodes well in relationship terms, when you need a partner who won’t quit when the going gets tough. The down side is of course that they might be so busy at work that you rarely see them. Although that may also be a plus side.

    Happy relationship points: *****

    3. Nerdy value

    Details aren’t lost on lawyers. Just the opposite, in fact. You’ll have a partner who knows the importance of the little things in life. Balance will need to be achieved between the big and the small picture, for a harmonious relationship.

    Happy relationship points: *****

    4. Looks great in suits

    Unless the office is really relaxed, or you’re in entertainment law and visiting rock star clients, lawyers are usually smart, suited and booted. Lawyers in their sharp office attire can set hearts aflutter. The down side is that the tailoring is often so slick that freedom of movement is impaired – so reaching cans down off shelves could get challenging. And of course one shouldn’t do the gardening in an Armani.

    Happy relationship points: ****

    5. Intrigue

    Any legal TV drama from Ally McBeal to The Good Wife will tell you that dating lawyers comes with plenty of excitement. Shady clients, multi-million pound corporate deals, life-or-death situations – it’s all in a week’s work for a lawyer. Plus side is that you’ll always have something to talk about over dinner. A down side is that the drama might spill over, and you could find yourself chased by an angry drugs baron.

    Happy relationship points: **

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