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  • 09 October 2015

    Student Snapshot: Robert Jeffrey - LLM LPC student, ULaw Bristol

    Robert Jeffery took both his GDL and an LLM LPC at ULaw.   He was successful in securing a training contract at a solicitors firm in Bristol, the city where you might also catch him singing as a lay clerk in the Cathedral.

    I studied modern languages and found this to be a useful degree for a postgraduate law student. Analysing texts, communicating with people and presentation skills have already been developed in a modern languages degree.

    I took the full time 9 month LLM LPC at the Bristol centre. Prior to this, I studied the GDL at the Moorgate centre of ULaw in London.

    I chose ULaw due to its focus on education, careers and professional development in the legal sector. I wanted to study at a university that offered this level of specialism. The course appeared well structured, supported by a number of high-profile commercial law firms and industry publications. 

    The university careers service has been outstanding. During the GDL course, I found the firm presentations, individual feedback on applications and mock interviews to be extremely useful.

    I came to ULaw, hoping to obtain a training contract during my GDL year. With guidance from the careers service on the application process, I was offered a training contract in the summer of that year. Since finishing Stage 1 of the LLM LPC course, I have been enjoying the electives of Stage 2 and I am beginning to focus on which particular areas of law I would like to consider as part of a training contract. 

    A particular highlight of my time at ULaw to date was the mooting competition in Moorgate. This was a great opportunity to put into practice what we had learnt so far on the GDL course.

    Studying law provides a student with the opportunity to advise clients in a variety of specialist areas after qualification or training. This education means that you are a in a position to positively influence a variety of issues that a client may have. I hope this means that you might make a difference or at least provide certainty in an area of law that might feel complicated for a client at the time.

    It is really important to understand the legal market and how law firms function as a business. A lawyer must know a client’s business model and market in order to find the most beneficial solution for that particular client issue. This comes through speaking to members of the profession, researching legal publications and continuing your studies. 

    I have always enjoyed fishing and choral music, spending as much time as I can outside of work or my studies pursuing these interests. Next year I will be singing as a lay clerk at Bristol Cathedral, before starting as a trainee solicitor in Bristol.  Professionally, I enjoy researching and studying areas of law that challenge me and are constantly developing. I am interested in understanding how these areas of law and developments might influence a client’s business.

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