• Q&A with student Amanda Cheng
  • 08 July 2015

    Student Snapshot: Amanda Isabella Cheng, LLB (Hons) ULaw Bloomsbury

    Hailing from Hong Kong, this multi-lingual International Law undergraduate is determined to use her degree to make a difference.

    A degree in law is definitely a good foundation degree to set you up for any career or direction. Law is everywhere and essential to our everyday life. I believe this degree can set anyone up for any career.

    I visited the University Fair in Hong Kong and I found ULaw to be very different.

    ULaw always gives students opportunities to participate in different activities and encourages students to not only study law but to understand more about the practice area of law. The Careers and Employability department has so much information.

    I applied through UCAS and found the application process very easy to access.  

    If I had a problem I just emailed ULaw or phoned them. They were always very helpful and efficient with answering my questions regarding entry requirements and visa application.

    I am very passionate about being able to help people in need.

    In my opinion, there are so many people who don’t have the power or freedom to fight for what they deserve and I would like to have the opportunity to use my law degree to help them in the future.

    I am fluent both written and spoken in four languages.  

    Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Spanish. Also, I know a little Japanese as I did it for my A-Levels during high school. I am a very passionate and active person who enjoys learning and exploring new things.

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