Why study law with us?

Professional law degrees for ambitious people

Whether you want your degree to prepare you for a career as a lawyer or to provide you with a solid grounding to prepare you for a range of other professions such as in business or politics, a law degree is widely regarded as a great starting point.

And now, thanks to The University of Law, here is a range of professional law degrees specifically designed to give you the skills you need to be successful.

Traditional law degrees are about academic learning and legal analysis. They leave professional education to postgraduate programmes and the workplace. At The University of Law, we believe our undergraduate students should understand how the law is applied in a real-world context, as well as being challenged academically.

A unique perspective on law

If you want to learn how the law actually affects people and businesses, and how to use it in the real world, The University of Law is your natural first choice. 

Our law degrees are very different to the traditional LLB. They are based on an innovative approach to learning that combines academic rigour with practical legal skills in a business-like environment. The result is the most relevant and rounded degree-level education available.

Employability and career prospects

Study on a University of Law degree and you’ll get unparalleled support from both your tutor and our Employability Service team. Whether it’s questions over your career direction, making applications or taking steps to improve your employability and the chances of your success, help is always on hand.

Powerful global connections

We’ve used our connections with the leading global law firms, the new breed of emerging legal employers and international training partners, to create law degrees designed, tested and built by experienced legal practitioners. Over 250 of our tutors are qualified lawyers who will share their experience of practice, including internationally, with you and give you all the support you need. We’ll help you to find placements and work experience and guide you towards the type of career you’re looking for. And you’ll be working alongside some of the brightest and best law students in the world, like-minded individuals taking the first steps towards successful careers.

A real return on investment in your future

Value for money in higher education has never been more important. So everything you learn will be of practical value to you and you’ll focus on those areas of law which you will use in practice and in your future career.

As well as competitive tuition fees, with a choice of locations around the country, you may be able to reduce your living costs by studying closer to home.

With The University of Law you get unprecedented flexibility to choose when, where and how to study your LLB by selecting from our range of courses to suit your needs. Complete your law degree in just two years if you’re keen to start your career as soon as possible, or the more traditional three years if you want more time to consider your career options and spread the cost of your investment in your future. Alternatively you can choose to study online.

Added benefits if you know you definitely want to be a lawyer…

Designed for the new world of law

The way in which legal services are provided and consumed is changing fast. This has brought about a fundamental shift in the role of lawyers in both business and in wider society. Being a modern lawyer is about thinking and reacting commercially and making sound decisions for yourself, your employer and for your clients. In addition, the globalisation of commerce and finance has increased demand for lawyers who can practise in a global context. Many legal issues – human rights, the environment, intellectual property and many corporate transactions – increasingly involve an international element and lawyers often need to understand other legal systems to advise their clients.

Getting you ready for this exciting, new world of law requires a new type of law degree. That’s what we offer all of our degrees will teach you the law in a professional and realistic context. You will learn how the law affects people and businesses and how lawyers think about and use the law to represent their clients’ interests.

Learning to think and act like a lawyer

What will you actually do when you become a lawyer? Well, lawyers work with the law, with people and with businesses. In your career, you might end up helping to tackle environmental problems, or protecting people’s rights of asylum. You might use the law to recover damages when things go wrong, or to help people buy and sell buildings or products.

So, this is the kind of thing you’ll be doing on our LLB. We’ll put you in real-life scenarios that a young lawyer might face. We’ll be your guide in using the law, legal documents and dealing with clients in these situations. As an example, you could be asked to produce a written guide to sacking an employee correctly and fairly. The guide could then be used by other students, who would advise on whether or not a dismissal was fair. You might debate in class whether new laws aimed at charging companies with homicide are working. And, as it’s just as important to be able to see things from a client’s perspective, you might be asked to role play in a fictional board of directors deciding on how to finance their business and the legal implications of this.

The benefits of our approach

All of this means a collaborative approach to working with your tutors and your fellow students. The best way to learn how to deal with complex legal issues is to start with these simple, but still realistic, situations. So, you’ll learn from real legal documents, practical workshops and informal assessments, with constructive feedback. This way of learning is proven to help retain knowledge over the long term and it’s much more interesting than being talked at for hours in lectures. The learning methods you’ll use don’t just help you pass exams, they train you to think and act as a lawyer. You’ll develop the skills that law firms actually want, including problem solving, analysis, drafting and research. It’s this focus on preparing you for life in practice that really sets us apart.

Bringing the law to life…

You need to understand the needs of your clients to be a good lawyer. What’s the client’s problem? What has led to a particular situation and what can you do to help? What are the personal or business interests involved? To help you learn to be a lawyer, you and your fellow LLB students may be presented with a real-life scenario where you’ll have to interview and advise a criminal suspect charged with murder.

Without excellent communication skills you can’t be a good lawyer, whether it be writing to clients or other professionals, drafting documents, advising, presenting a case, negotiating a transaction or interviewing a client. To help you learn to be a lawyer, you and your fellow LLB students might be asked to represent a fictional criminal defendant before the Courts in a sentencing hearing role play.

Lawyers sometimes work alone in representing their clients but also much of the time with other lawyers. You have to be a team player if you want a successful legal career in the modern world of law. To help you learn to be a lawyer, you and your fellow LLB students may be asked to work as a group on a real-life scenario involving dismissing an employee – and making sure it’s done correctly and fairly.

ULaw makes sure you stand out from other law students

Alice Barrett , LLB Student, Guildford