Learning Methods

One thing that makes The University of Law unique is our learning methods. Practising lawyers don’t sit around reading dusty law books all day. They work with the law, with people and with businesses. This is what you’ll be doing on our LLB. We’ll put you  in real-life scenarios that a young lawyer might face. We’ll be your guide in using the law, legal documents and dealing with clients in a range of situations.

As well as small group workshops, you will take part in large group sessions. These are interactive sessions led by your tutor but include a range of activities designed to develop your legal knowledge and skills.  These include multiple-choice questions using an electronic voting system, case studies and problem solving. On the course, many of these activities are centred around specially developed multimedia, presenting you with real-life legal problems described by clients either on film or using animated avatars.

I wanted a course that was focused on professional legal training with a more practical approach

Larrisa Ling , LLB Student, Manchester