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Booking for the PCLL Conversion Examinations Preparatory Course

PCLL Conversion Examinations Preparatory Course (PPC) Booking form April 2021

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If YES, please email Studentinfo-hongkong@law.ac.uk

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• You may book the PPC as a Full Package or as PPC modules separately. Purchasing the Full Package will allow you to take advantage of a Full Package Tuition Discount*.

• Please note that the onus is on you to contact the PCEA to book your PCLL Conversion Examinations or to make any exemption application of the PCLL Conversion Examinations.

• Completion of our PPC or PPC modules does not guarantee students’ entry into the PCLL as it is at the discretion of the PCLL providers.

PPC - Full Course – Face-to-face
PPC Modules – Face-to-face
PPC - Full Course – Online
PPC Modules - Online

*Students are eligible for the 5% Full Package Tuition discount on the Full Package Tuition fee if they have booked to study the full PPC in the April 2021 intake. To be eligible for the discount, students would need to have booked a place on the PPC with the University prior to 1st March, 2021. Please see details here.

HK$5,000 Alumni Discount (applicable for bookings on a Full Course only)

Members of the College and University of Law Alumni Network are eligible for a HK$5,000 discount off the above published prices at the point of booking for the PPC Full Course. For more information on this discount, please see the Alumni section of the Terms and Conditions.

Delegates must bear in mind that if they undertake the PPC but then sit the assessments at a later date (i.e. not immediately after undertaking the PPC), the assessment method and syllabus on which they will be examined may have changed in the interim; it is students’ responsibility to check for any updates from the PCEA, further that the PCLL entry requirements may change with time and students would need to check for any updates from the PCLL providers.

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