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New SRA suitability test

21 September 2011 

Before you start an LPC at the College (or any other law school) you need to apply to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for student enrolment. The SRA are introducing a new Suitability Test from 6 October 2011, which replaces the previous Character and Suitability Test. The introduction of this new test coincides with the launch of the SRA outcomes-focused regulation and a new Handbook.


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What is this new SRA test about?


Hello The new version of the SRA test has come into place today (6 October 2011) and the changes introduced have been designed to make the process more transparent. Applicants will continue to be assessed through the provision of information on criminal convictions, financial behaviour, academic offences (like plagiarism), and other regulators' decisions. However they will now be given greater clarity about the information used to judge their suitability. Further details on the guidance being given can be found by clicking on the ‘find out more’ link above. I hope this helps. The College of Law


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