Prepare for Clearing with its new online tools

Clearing opens this year on Thursday 5 July. Start preparing for it now, and you could get your future off to a great start… especially now that there are some new online tools available to make the process easier.

Firstly, a general word on Clearing: it’s a process that enables students to see which places remain on undergraduate courses and then to apply for the ones they want to go for. It used to be only open to students who didn’t obtain their expected A-level grades. These days, it’s also open to students who want to apply for university after 30 June and students who didn’t receive any offers (or any offers they want to accept), as well as those students not meeting the conditions of their offers. That’s why it opens up two months before A-level results day – so maximise the opportunity, beat the rush and get in there early.

If you’re applying for the first time after 30 June, you’ll need to register and make a full application including your personal statement. When you submit your application, you’ll receive a welcome email to access UCAS’s Track service, where you’ll also receive your Clearing number. That’s when you can access Clearing’s services, including course and place searches and an ‘ask advice’ feature.

New online tools help to make the process more straightforward. The search function is more comprehensive, giving you access to information and advice; you can access this search tool from the UCAS homepage. Its advanced filtering and sort options will help you to look through search results to zone in on the courses that really interest you. UCAS have put together a detailed guide on the search tool which is well worth looking through before you start.

You can also sign into the site, save your searches and shortlist your favourite courses. You can also name your searches, which saves time each time you log back into the site to continue looking for that dream course.

The site’s design is mobile-friendly, meaning that you can access Clearing from any of your devices.

Of course, going to see courses and universities in person as well will help you to build up a true picture of where you’d like to apply to. The University of Law is holding open days across its campuses for its law and business courses throughout June and July: click here to search open days and register your interest. As ULaw student Emily McKinnell says: “The open day was informative and engaging; it gave me the opportunity to get a real insight into life as a student here.”

For more information about Clearing and admissions at ULaw, email or call 0800 0093375.