Interview with an Online Student, Faria Jadoon

Faria Jadoon is an LLB student at ULaw’s Online Campus. She spoke to us about the virtues of studying online and how she fits her course around full-time work as a Solicitor Apprentice.

ULaw was chosen for me by my employer as a part of my Solicitor Apprenticeship.

I am currently enrolled onto LLB Law Online and this is my first undergraduate course. I previously did an extended BTEC Diploma Level 3 in Business and Applied Law.

When I started my online course, I was under the impression that it would all be self-taught, with the university and teachers playing a small role. However, I have found the university, including my Assessors extremely helpful and reachable. The university takes on board any problems you face with the online course and are supportive in working on a solution.

As a Solicitor Apprentice, I am entitled to 20% of my time off work for studying. In a 5-day work week, this amounts to one day. As there is a SUT almost every week, I start my day at 9am, just like a workday, to go through the reading and videos for the unit and then complete the SUT. I aim to finish by 5pm as this allows my week to stay structured and keeps me focused.

As an Apprentice it is really useful to study remotely because it allows me to change my study day in accordance with work commitments and priorities. There is never any fear of missing lectures or classes as the study material is always available online and this provides a lot of flexibility. Working remotely allows me to work at my own pace without feeling pressurised by others’ progress. It provides a very helpful strategy of taking one step at a time and to avoid procrastination. 

Online studying is different from the standard classroom-based learning. However, a positive effect of Covid has been to show us the success of online studying. I have found ULaw very helpful, and my online studying materials are really structured and easy to understand. If you are considering this route and it suits your lifestyle -  definitely give it a go.

Working full-time while also needing to study every week along with Subjects Under Test (SUT) can be really hectic. It is important to set clear boundaries with yourself about what result you are aiming for and how you will get there, and then to communicate this honestly with friends and family. This allows them to understand and respect your need for space, privacy or quiet.

I also try to separate my week (which is very much work focused) and then reward myself on the weekend by spending time with friends and family.


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