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London Marathon Motivation

The countdown has started to the London Marathon, and like our law students those taking part have been training for it are nearly at the end of their goal – and at the start of a very, very long run.

So, just in case a few of you are flagging – here’s some marathon motivation to see you over the finish line.

1. De-motivational thought: “I’m worried I’m going to be too slow.”

Re-motivator: Take heart. The slowest-run marathon took 5 days and 8 hours, and was run by Lloyd Scott. Granted, he was wearing a 110 pound diving suit, but hey – you know what the Navy Seals say: ‘slow is smooth, smooth is fast.’

2. “What if I feel chilly when I run?”

Re-motivator: Well, man up, or woman up; the coldest marathon was run in minus 38 degrees Celsius, when Boris Fyodorov ran from Tomtor to Oymyakon. Ergo, you can cope with a little bit of British weather. Go on, you know you can.

3. “I don’t know how I’ll deal with steep inclines.”

Re-motivator: Listen, this isn’t the Swiss Jungfrau Marathon, where the incline is around 6,000ft. Lace up those air trainers and deal with a bit of London Slope..

4. “I'm feeling too old to run.”

Re-motivator: Not when you know that Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathon runner, was aged 100 when he completed the event in 8 hours, 11 minutes and 6 seconds. Feeling a bit more spritely now?

5. “I don’t know if I’ll last the distance.”

Re-motivator: Did you know that with the typical marathon training period lasting 22 weeks, you’ve already run around 600 miles. What’s 26.2 more miles? In effect, the marathon is your home stretch.

Good luck to all facing that race to the finish line this weekend and over the next month. You’re all super stars.

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