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Legal quiz: Round-up of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, why not test your knowledge of the year's legal news with our end of year quiz! Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers...

1)   What was so unusual about a preliminary hearing that took place at Antrim Magistrates Court this year, which was considered to be a legal first?

  1. It was so warm the judge wore shorts and a vest
  2. The defendant was unable to attend as she was stuck in the court’s lift
  3. A power cut allowed the defendant to escape
  4. The entire hearing was conducted in the court’s car park   

2)   Who on the 1 November 2013 ended their term as Director of Public Prosecutions? 

  1. Alison Saunders
  2. Sir Ken Macdonald QC
  3. Dame Barbara Mills DBE QC
  4. Keir Starmer QC  

3)   In 2013 which company was granted its ABS licence by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) allowing them to set up as a law firm?

  1. Marks & Spencer
  2. Stobart Group 
  3. Starbucks
  4. eBay

4)   What was unusual about the 2013 court case between Michael Jackson's family and concert firm AEG Live?

  1. The judge accepted evidence from Michael Jackson’s ghost   
  2. Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee Bubbles was present throughout the trial
  3. The Jackson families’ attorney moon-walked into court in homage to the late singer
  4. The judge admitted he had never heard of Michael Jackson prior to this case

5)   Mr. Stephen Gough lost a High Court Appeal this year, but what right was he fighting for?

  1. To be naked in public  
  2. To grow cannabis legally 
  3. To be able to vote in prison 
  4. To marry his pet

6)   TheSupreme Court ruled that _________ could be “a place of meeting for religious worship”

  1. Old Trafford
  2. The Church of Scientology chapel in central London  
  3. A property once owned by Elvis Presley 
  4. A formal screening of the film ‘Star Wars’

7)   In 2013 Peter and Hazelmary Bull lost a battle in the Supreme Court over what issue?

  1. The right to smoke inside their pub
  2. The right to deny gay people to stay at their B&B
  3. The right to show foreign sports channels in their pub
  4. The right to adopt two sets of twins

8)   A lawyer was fined over 5,000 lei (£850) by a Romanian court this year for…

  1. Using foul and abusive language towards the judge
  2. Arriving to court intoxicated 
  3. Wearing trainers to attend court