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Five reasons to check out our new website

We are excited to announce that our redesigned website has launched. The updated site has a brand new sleek, modern design allowing easier navigation to key information and courses. We’ve also updated the look and feel of the site, along with adding our new Career Finder feature which lets you search for courses based on your career ambition. There’s a whole host of impactful changes, all to make the experience of the ULaw site easier and more tailored to your needs.

Feedback so far on our new website has been exciting, with our student testing team calling it “modern”, “sleek”, “clean”, “engaging” and “user-friendly”. Here’s five reasons why you should explore our new site:

1. Our Career Finder

We want you to be able to find the perfect course that will take you where you want to go in your career, that’s why we’re introducing our Career Finder. You can now search through a selection of occupations and find out what skills you need to succeed as well discovering the courses that could help you progress. Under each occupation, you’ll find suggested courses to help you on your way, the personal skills you’ll need to succeed and where to find other useful resources for more information on that role.

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2. Improved Mobile Usability

We know you’re busy so that’s why we’ve focused on improving performance on mobile and tablet. We’re all on-the-go people, so being able to access our information, resources and support will mean easy access to the information you need.

3. A ULaw Makeover

We’re seeing in the new decade with a bold, clear design that will enable our students to take in the important stuff. The complete new look and modern appearance compliments our cutting-edge courses. You will discover that we are more than law and offer a wide range of courses in business, criminology and policing.

4. Improved user experience

We want your experience on our website to be easy and tailored to you. With our new website, we’ve made our user experience more streamlined, and made the most important information more prominent like our courses, resources and open days, enabling you to get to where you want quicker.

5. Hear from our students and alumni

We think the best way of understanding what life is like at ULaw is to hear from those who have experienced it first-hand. This is why we’ve shed a spotlight on our talented students and alumni. From interviews to videos featuring our talented students and alumni, on our new website you can find out what makes ULaw special, how we support your ambitions and set you up for success.

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