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My Clearing experience: An interview with Nathan Amoh

Nathan Amoh is studying the LLB at our Bloomsbury campus after joining us through Clearing. Clearing can be an anxious time for students and their parents so we caught up with Nathan to discuss his personal experience and get his tips on how to prepare yourself.

I first heard of The University of Law through my college. I was attending City and Islington College and they have a really good relationship. However, I didn’t put ULaw as one of my choices because my plan was to move out of London and go to a university in Birmingham and I wasn’t aware that ULaw actually had a campus there. After not getting into some of my choices, I decided to contact ULaw. After exchanging a few emails, they interviewed me over the phone. It was an interesting process but very simple. They asked me a few questions about why I wanted to study law, some personal questions and in a matter of seconds I had secured place. It was very, very simple and since I’ve been here, it’s been very easy to adapt. The teaching is good, it’s very understandable and I’ve made quite a few friends along the way.

Had I known what The University of Law actually has to offer and the kind of lecturers it has, I’m sure my choice would’ve been different. I’m sure I would’ve put it as one of my main choices.

I had mixed emotions to receiving no offers because initially, after applying to universities, my tutor recommending me, and them seeing my personal statement, I received conditional offers from all of my choices. I was very annoyed. I’d planned my life around getting into a specific university at a specific place, but it’s great that there’s Clearing. It helps you to see other options, it helps you to get another chance. It motivates you again because it’s very demotivating, knowing that you didn’t get into any of your choices.

I was concerned about not getting into a university. It was quite daunting, knowing that based on what you say on the phone and in your emails that your offer will either be considered or not. Clearing, is more personal. When people get early offers from a university, they just look at their grades and personal statement, they don’t actually hear the person’s voice or interview the person, so Clearing is, in some ways, more robust.

I chose ULaw because I knew of some prestigious names that had attended the University and I also knew they held a high standard in teaching. Also, because I’d like to become a solicitor in the future. It’s very handy that all the lecturers have some kind of background in law, which would make it very easy to get advice, in comparison to some other universities where a lecturer could just had a PhD in a law subject but not have actually practiced. These were things that really appealed to me.

I didn’t have a clear career goal when I came through Clearing. I wasn’t too sure of what I wanted to do and I’m still not ruling out becoming a barrister, or even doing something completely different. However, after coming here and realising that becoming a barrister entails a lot of court work and standing in front of people, I think personally I’d prefer to advise people than sit in a court room.

It took quite a while to confirm my place because some of the universities I’d applied for took a while to give me a response. I didn’t know until then that I needed to contact ULaw but when I did it was very, very simple. In comparison to some other universities, I won’t mention their names, it was a very quick and simple process. I was actually in Germany at the time so I managed to just have a call and get my place.

My top Clearing tip is to prepare yourself for a possible phone interview because I had absolutely no idea that was how I was going to be interviewed. Know why you want to study the subject you are applying for. You should know a bit about the university and you should be able to account for anything that might not have gone so well. For example, a couple of bad grades. You should be able to explain what lead to those bad grades and how you would be able to improve on them.

You should be confident about your abilities. You should think about the fact that there are people out there that didn’t manage to get their grades at all, that can’t even consider going to university. Don’t doubt yourself and make sure that when that call comes, or that interview happens, that you’re prepared. Prepare yourself, ask people for help and you should be fine.

For parents of students going through Clearing, try not to be anxious. Or, if you’re anxious try not to let it show to your children. My parents were quite stressed and it reflected on me. I was thinking ‘oh no, what is going to happen? When am I going to find my place?’ because that’s how they were thinking. Reassure your children that everything will be ok; support them through the process.

I would definitely say Clearing worked out better than I thought. I was scared I would get to September without a university and that I would have to wait another year. I was even considering another year at college or maybe trying a different course. But it was very quick and I was elated because my parents were also stressing out. As soon as the phone call was over, I was able to tell them I had a place at university. They were over the moon and I was over the moon. It was a nice process.

I think it’s definitely a matter of fate; I was meant to be at ULaw.


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