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  • Advertising and recruitment


    Our core service to employers is the free advertisement of vacancies on JobSearch - our vacancy database. This service is accessible to all our students: those who have accepted a place with us, current students and members of our alumni.

    We advertise a variety of different vacancies, from training contracts and pupillages to paralegal roles, legal-related positions, work placements and vacation schemes. We also advertise vacancies outside of the legal sector which may be of interest to our students.

    Targeted mailing service

    We frequently send emails, on behalf of employers, to specific groups of students to draw attention to vacancies, events or other opportunities where recruiters have a targeted audience in mind (such as students who have picked certain electives or those with specific languages).

    Collection of applications and "first sift" services

    Where resources permit, we provide a collection service for application forms, saving recruiters from dealing with extra mail; and a "first sift" service where we use an employer's criteria to select the most promising applicants, again saving time by short-listing the first round of candidates.