Postgraduate Learning Methods

Our learning methods are designed to equip you for a lifetime. They not only provide you with the knowledge you need and the means to succeed in your exams, they also train you to think and act as a lawyer from day one. It’s this focus on preparing you for life in practice that really sets the University apart. 

Everyone retains knowledge in different ways. Our wide-ranging materials and the logical way we address key points make it easy to learn. You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to hone the key skills that make the best lawyers stand out.

Integrated learning

All our courses are designed solely by experienced, qualified lawyers from practice. They are highly structured with a carefully balanced integration of learning tools that are designed to complement one another. We employ a wide variety of interactive online learning media in order to enrich and vary the learning experience. The style of interactive learning we draw upon is proven to assist comprehension and retention for the long term.

Altogether better

The different learning methods develop research, self-study and analysis. They reinforce the skills you’ll need in practice. Not only that, they have been endorsed by leading law firms who recognise that our graduates not only have the qualifications they need, but the essential qualities and skills to equip them for the very highest performance in practice.

You are trained to think like a future lawyer, enhancing your commercial awareness

Sakaria Amin , LPC Student, Birmingham