International students

Meet our former international students

The University of Law has trained thousands of international students over the years. Hear from a few of them.

Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen has over 20 years’ experience as a lawyer in China and Hong Kong. Her first degree and PhD were in law at Peking University. She completed her LPC with The University of Law and now works as a corporate lawyer with Eversheds.

'As an experienced Chinese lawyer seeking to become a truly international lawyer, The University of Law has provided me with a solid base for my new legal career in England. I recently graduated from the LPC at the University with distinction, which is largely due to the teaching staff being very experienced, professional and approachable. With such high-quality tutors, combined with the practical, hands-on teaching methods of the University, it greatly assisted my transition from Chinese lawyer to English solicitor.

What I have learnt at the University is directly applicable to my present job working as an associate with one of the top law firm in the UK. English law is one of the best choices of law because it is increasingly accepted in international transactions involving multi-jurisdictional contractual relationships, including in China. For anyone interested in becoming an English lawyer, I would strongly recommend The University of Law as the number one choice.'
Matt Fairclough
Matt Fairclough is a partner at Clifford Chance, one of the largest law firms in the world, and is based in Hong Kong. A former LPC University of Law student, he has also worked in London, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.

'I enjoyed my time at The University of Law. The quality of tuition was very high and I’d describe the University's approach as no-nonsense. The teaching was very focused and the process of studying the LPC very efficient – it was commercial and targeted. The IT support and training materials were very good too.

The study of English law is essential. At Clifford Chance, we are finding that many of our prospective and current international clients continue to transact their major deals under English Law, including some of Asia’s largest capital markets transactions. This is great news for anyone with a qualification and experience as a solicitor in English Law.

The University of Law's alumni network is also useful as the people you study with will end up being your clients, your fellow solicitors or your fellow partners in other firms. I’m still in touch with a huge number of people I was at law school with.

The University of Law has a deep and thoroughly entrenched understanding of the modern world of legal practice. They are best placed to provide our trainees and our qualified lawyers with the training they need to operate and succeed on a global scale.

I would completely endorse the University’s ability to provide the best grounding in practising English Law in an international and commercial context.'
Alexandra Victoros
Alexandra Victoros completed the LPC at the University of Law’s Bloomsbury centre before returning to Canada, where she is currently an associate at a law firm in Kitchener, Ontario. She specialises in personal injury and disability law. 

'I remember studying at The University of Law as an exciting and quite intense time. The teaching staff were very helpful and knowledgeable and provided a lot of anecdotes which, looking back, I can now very much relate to, particularly the stories of being in judges’ chambers and dealing with their  comments. I also found the real-life scenarios invaluable. I still remember being graded on my interview techniques (in business law) with another student, or in one case, an actor playing my potential client.

I have found the study of English law useful in my career. As a civil litigation lawyer, many of the cases on negligence are based on the English cases. Each country or province has different laws, but the process of how a legal case starts and ends is very much the same as I learned while studying in England. Back in Ontario on the Bar Admission Course, there were many similarities with how the LPC course was run.'

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