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In addition to several thousand law students, we have a growing business school community – and not all our law students intend to qualify and practice – so we’re keen to advertise opportunities that may appeal to a broad range of students.

We offer a free advertising service to recruiters, allowing you to post vacancies for current students and alumni, and have recently launched a new vacancy platform.

Our guide will help you register and navigate the site, and you can access our vacancy platform here:

   - New Users will need to create a company profile
   - Returning Users can simply login

If you would prefer us to set up your account, or post your vacancy, we’re happy to help. Please send us:

  • Information about your organisation
  • A logo for your organisation (if you have one)
  • Information about the vacancy

Simply contact your local campus or email

If you would like to advertise with us, please take a moment to read the information below about our vacancy system and recruitment via the University of Law’s Employability Service.

The vacancy website is owned and managed by JobTeaser and use of the site is covered by JobTeaser’s terms and conditions and privacy notice which can be accessed here. In addition, as a Partner Recruiter of the University of Law, you should be aware of the following:

  1. The University of Law acts as a conduit between recruiters and candidates and does not endorse either party.
  2. The University of Law reserves the right to refuse to place an advertisement or remove a vacancy from the site if, in our opinion, it is not in the interests of our students, the Employability Service or the University.
  3. You should ensure that vacancies submitted meet all requirements of current employment and equal opportunities legislation.
  4. This service is provided to assist with recruitment into specific positions and must not be used to collect a ‘bank’ of CVs for distribution to third parties, or for purposes other than to fill the vacancy or vacancies specified in the initial advertisement.
  5. If advertising unpaid positions, you must make the unpaid nature of the role clear and, except in exceptional circumstances, the position should last no longer than 28 days.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact us at