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InspirEngage Me!

19 January 2012 

From The Apprentice fame, Melody Hossaini delivered a motivational talk and practical workshop to aspiring law students at The College of Law in Birmingham. Melody is the founder and director of InspirEngage International, a global youth organisation aimed at helping youngsters develop the essential skills necessary to succeed in life and in their chosen career.

During the workshop, Melody spoke to the law students on the importance of presenting yourself in the best possible way in order to secure a training contract. Mushtaq Khan, a solicitor from Freeth Cartwright LLP, mentioned that often the misconception is to send as many applications as possible and there is not much emphasis on personal presentation. The workshop delivered by Melody was a great way to highlight those personal skills necessary to make a good impression to employers.

The students completed a range of activities to cover different areas such as personal brand, leadership and communication. Melody spoke about ‘My Passport’ which she believes should be a starting point for any individual. This passport was an excellent way for students to figure out their passion, greatest strength, motto in life and the 3 things which they thought defined them as a brand. Mushtaq stressed that this was an opportunity to be armed with a response to questions like ‘What are your strengths and weaknesses’ and ‘Why should we hire you’ that most law firms will typically ask on an application or at the interview stage.

Melody also got physical with the students by asking them to take part in an activity which involved no talking. The students had to organise themselves in order of their birthdays without any verbal communication. It was a frantic scramble for the first few minutes until a student had realised Melody had not said you couldn’t write on paper. He then proceeded to organise everyone by writing the months down on paper.

Melody expressed the importance of communication and leadership. She pointed out that the exercise highlighted that there are different ways of communicating other than verbal communication. Body language, visual and written communications also play an important factor in personal presentation. Melody pointed out that it is important to take leadership where appropriate. She stressed that the student who had taken charge showed initiative and leadership skills, again skills which employers are looking for.

The workshop was definitely a success in showing law students the techniques and tools they could use to improve personal presentation in order to portray the best possible impression. Melody gave an excellent inspiring talk in order to motivate students achieve their highest potential.

I was definitely InspirEngage(d).

Rubina Khanom


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