• The University of Law reconfirmed as UK's first specialist legal university

    7 August 2013

    The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has written to The University of Law to confirm that the UK’s first specialist legal university continues to meet the rigorous criteria for university title following its sale to Montagu Private Equity.

    In November 2012, The University of Law, the leading provider of professional legal training, became the first private provider since 1983* to be granted university status, changing its name from The College of Law.

    As part of official procedure, when there is a change of ownership or control of a university, that university must inform BIS and provide evidence that it continues to satisfy the criteria for student numbers and good governance. In a letter dated 6 August 2013, BIS confirmed that The University of Law continued to meet criteria for university title after it had carried out its consultation and after seeking advice from external bodies HEFCE and the Quality Assurance Agency. 

    Nigel Savage, President and Provost at The University of Law, said: “As the leading provider of legal services training in the UK, we are focused on providing a focused and innovative learning environment for students and supporting the world’s leading law firms in achieving their goals, including providing solutions for an increasingly global legal services market.”

    * The University of Buckingham was granted university status in 1983.

    For further information, please contact:
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