• College of Law extends 2012 launch of new LL.B degree to its Guildford centre

  • 5 March 2012

  • Decision comes after higher than expected application numbers

    The College of Law is to extend the delivery of its new LL.B law degree to its Guildford centre when it launches this September, following greater than expected application rates.

    Nearly 500 applications have been received so far for the unique two-year undergraduate degree, which focuses on boosting students’ employment prospects and professional legal skills.

    It was initially set to run at the College’s Chester, Birmingham and London Bloomsbury centres in its launch year with plans to extend to all seven locations across the UK in following years.

    However the high number of applications and strong interest from applicants in studying the degree in the south of the country has led the College to also offer the LL.B at its Guildford centre in Portsmouth Road from September. 

    Sarah Hutchinson, Board Member for Business Development at the College, said:  “We are delighted to be able to offer places on the LL.B at Guildford for Sept 2012.  This is because the number of LL.B applications received so far for our Chester, Birmingham and Bloomsbury centres has exceeded our expectations.  We can see from applicants’ profiles that there is a high level of interest in studying in the South so opening in Guildford enables us to meet our students’ demands for 2012."

    The College’s LL.B will be the first of its kind, grounded on practice-based learning designed to prepare students for the modern world of law. In contrast to many traditional academic law degrees, the College’s LL.B has at its heart the teaching of professional skills that are essential when entering the legal industry, including analysis, problem solving, drafting and research.

    Employability is a key feature in the design of the course, with workshops to help students understand and exploit the career opportunities inherent in the fast-changing legal services market, both in the UK and globally.

    All of the College’s tutors are qualified lawyers who have practised in law and have many years experience of delivering legal education. The LL.B will feature 11 hours per week of face to face teaching, which equates to 768 hours over two years.

    It runs for two years, with tuition fees set at £9,000 per year, allowing students to save substantial amounts of money on both fees and living costs compared with traditional three-year degrees.

    One future College LL.B student, Charlie Greenwood, gave up a place at Newcastle University in order to accept an offer to study at the College’s Chester centre. His ambition is to either have his own legal practice in the North of England or to be a QC, specialising in sports law or personal injury.
    He said: “The fact that the undergraduate course is only two years instead of the usual three was an attractive prospect, as was the obvious employability the course provides and the practical nature of the degree, so The College of Law as an institution and its new LL.B seemed ideal to give my legal career the best start possible. Further still, I’ll be surrounded by like minded students wanting to achieve similar goals, and the connections the College can offer in the world of law coupled with the pro bono opportunities are second to none."

    From 2013 the College’s LL.B will also be offered at its Bristol and York centres. The College of Law is the leading provider of professional legal education and training in Europe and already offers a range of post-graduate courses for both aspiring and qualified solicitors and barristers.

    Richard Hough, graduate recruitment partner at international law firm Allen & Overy, said: "The College of Law is putting together an exciting LL.B which puts legal practice at the heart of the law degree.  We welcome the focus on the practical aspects of law, which follows Allen & Overy's own approach to clients and client service. We would consider a potential trainee with a College LL.B just as we consider LL.B students from other universities."

    Further information from Lucy Wray, Press Officer, The College of Law on 01483 216072 (lucy.wray@lawcol.co.uk)