• College of Law to introduce two-year LL.B Law Degree at Manchester centre

  • 11 December 2012

  • Three-year LL.B to be available at London Bloomsbury centre from 2013

    The College of Law has announced that it will run its new two-year LL.B law degree at its Manchester centre from September 2013.

    The unique undergraduate degree, which focuses on boosting students’ employment prospects and professional legal skills, launched this autumn at the College’s Birmingham, Chester, Guildford and London Bloomsbury centres.

    Its introduction in Manchester next year will further boost the New York Street centre’s existing portfolio of post-graduate training for aspiring and qualified lawyers. This follows the announcement earlier this year that the LL.B will also be extended to the College’s York and Bristol centres from 2013.

    In addition students can undertake the LL.B over a conventional three-year period at the London Bloomsbury centre from next year. The three-year course will cover the same syllabus and, at £6,000 per year, will cost the same in total tuition fees as the two-year programme, which is £9,000 per year.

    Last month the College announced that it had been granted university title and will be rebranding as The University of Law from early 2013.

    Its LL.B is the first of its kind, grounded on practice-based learning designed to prepare students for the modern world of law with the teaching of essential professional skills at its heart. Students learn the law in a realistic context looking at how the law affects people and businesses and how lawyers use law in the real world.

    Tricia Chatterton, Director of Business Development at The College of Law, said: “The introduction of the LL.B at the Manchester centre will encourage the next generation of talented lawyers to stay in the North West thereby benefiting the region’s economy and legal sector in the future. Manchester is a destination of choice for students from all over the UK and abroad and our professionally-focused degree delivered in the heart of the city will provide an important new option for those aiming for a career in the legal profession. It means that we now offer LL.B students in the North West the choice of a city-centre environment and a campus environment, in the shape of our Chester centre.

    “We have also introduced a three-year LL.B at our London Bloomsbury centre in order to increase student choice regarding the length of time over which they want to study.”

    Employability is a key feature in the design of the College’s LL.B, with workshops to help students understand and exploit the career opportunities inherent in the fast-changing legal services market, both in the UK and globally. All of the College’s tutors are qualified lawyers who have practised in law and have many years experience of delivering legal education.

    The College of Law is the largest provider of professional legal education and training in Europe with centres in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Manchester and York.

    Details of open days to allow potential students to find out more about the LL.B are available at http://www.college-of-law.co.uk/Want-a-law-degree/LL-B-open-days/

    Further information from Angie Milan, Marketing Director, The College of Law on 01483 216319 (angie.milan@lawcol.co.uk)