• College of Law Pioneers PSC Study Route for In-House Trainees

    10 September 2009

    The College of Law has become the first legal education provider in the country to introduce a new specialised study route for its Professional Skills Course (PSC), which is specifically targeted at in-house trainee lawyers.

    The new route is being offered for the Client Care and Professional Standards core module, which means that PSC delegates now have a choice of three career routes for this module – corporate, commercial & private and in-house lawyers.

    Debbie Shortland, the College’s Director of Trainee Programmes, said: “We are the only national legal education provider to provide a PSC study route specifically for in-house lawyers. This has been introduced as a result of feedback from in-house trainees attending our PSC courses, who said they would benefit from a Client Care and Professional Standards module focusing on the specific issues that affect their work."

    The two-day module is a compulsory part of the PSC that trainee solicitors are required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to undergo during their training contracts.

    The new in-house route was designed by Rachel Short, a consultant to the College who has many years’ experience as an in-house lawyer, including nine years as a director in the finance group at the US investment bank Citigroup. She has also worked for a number of large City law firms.

    “Because they work outside the standard law firm framework, it can be harder for in-house lawyers to stay in touch with the rules which govern the profession and this course is intended to provide them with up to date and relevant training on the way in which the Code of Conduct applies to them in their roles as in-house solicitors," she said.

    The module is delivered by experienced in-house lawyers and is tailored specifically for trainees working in commercial organisations where their client is the employer, using case studies and scenarios focusing on in-house practice.

    It builds on knowledge gained from the Legal Practice Course (LPC) to enable trainees to understand the importance of ethical and professional conduct and apply appropriate professional standards.

    It considers in-house lawyers’ duties to their ‘clients’ (their employers) as well as their relationship with third parties, including other lawyers, and also recognises that solicitors working in house, even in relatively large in-house teams, will not have the same level of regulatory support as those working in law firms.

    The new route is available to book now, with course dates running in Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester from October 2009. For more information visit our Professional Skills Course page.

    Further information

    Contact Lucy Wray, Press Officer, The College of Law on 01483 216072 (lucy.wray@lawcol.co.uk).