• Human rights delegation to Colombia

    22 August 2008

    A group of 30 English and Welsh solicitors is heading to Colombia as part of an international human rights delegation.

    Accompanying them will be five barristers, including a QC, three trainee solicitors, two LPC students, two law lecturers and Sara Chandler, associate professor and director of pro bono at the College of Law.

    The lawyers will be visiting seven regions of Colombia. A report would be produced as soon as possible after they return on the human rights situation and the ability of lawyers to do their job without being persecuted.

    The delegation will also be meeting either the president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, or the vice president.

    The visit has been organised by the Association of Colombian Human Rights Defence Lawyers.

    Further information

    Contact Lucy Wray, Press Officer, The College of Law on 01483 216072 (lucy.wray@lawcol.co.uk).