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Research eTMA

Electronic Tutor-Marked Assignments (eTMAs) are an important part of the assessment strategy for W200 - Understanding law. They give you a chance to demonstrate your understanding of the law and to express your opinions and analysis of legal problems more effectively. In addition, eTMAs are an important teaching tool and give you the opportunity to establish a dialogue with your tutor. You will receive detailed feedback on your work and your tutor will help you to identify its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to remember that answering legal questions is a skill that will improve with practice – don’t expect to be perfect from day one!

Your tutor will also give you a mark for each assignment. The mark provides you with an indication of how you are doing and whether you have understood the key areas. Whatever mark you receive, your tutor will provide you with suggestions as to how your work could be improved.

You are required to do W200 eTMA 03 using the internet.

The text of this eTMA as printed in your eTMA Guide can be found below for reference.