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  • 30 December 2014

    The Future Lawyers Network 2014 quiz

    2014 has yielded a bumper crop of legal news stories – some serious, others light-hearted. How much attention have you been paying? Test your knowledge in this end of year FLN legal quiz.

    1. Bertie the Goldendoodle dog regularly attends court – but why?

    a) Bertie is a police dog 
    b) Bertie can detect blood sugar levels dropping – and his solicitor-advocate owner is diabetic
    c) Bertie's owner, who is a barrister, has a bad back and Bertie pulls along his files on a specially-made trolley
    d) The court, which is part of a new open justice project designed to demystify the law, is located in the commune where Bertie lives

    2. Eric Jones recently obtained his masters degree in law – but what age is he?

    a) 9
    b) 16
    c) 69
    d) 80

    3. Human rights barrister Amal Alamuddin married George Clooney this year, but which Inn of Court is she a member of?

    a) Inner Temple
    b) Middle Temple
    c) Gray's Inn
    d) Lincoln's Inn 

    4. In October London-born rapper Professor Green admitted he had always wanted to become what?

    a) A magistrate
    b) A judge
    c) A City lawyer
    d) A barrister

    5. Lawyer and The Apprentice star Felipe Alviar-Baquero previously worked for which two law firms?

    a) Linklaters + Mayer Brown
    b) Latham & Watkins + Slaughter and May
    c) Bird & Bird + Norton Rose Fulbright 
    d) Clifford Chance + DLA Piper 

    6. In September Latin American writer Isabella Tanikumi filed a bizarre lawsuit in the US – but what did it claim?

    a) That Coca-Cola had stolen her recipe 
    b) That aliens had abducted her 
    c) That the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ was based on her life story
    d) That she had breached her own restrictive covenant: so she was in effect suing herself 

    7. Barrister Robert Rinder hit TV screens this August as Judge Rinder – but which London chambers is he a tenant of?

    a) 2 Hare Court
    b) Brick Court Chambers 
    c) Fountain Court Chambers
    d) Hardwicke 

    8. What did staff at a small firm in Southwest London find during a tidy up of their office over the summer that made headline news?

    a) A parrot
    b) A pistol
    c) A grenade
    d) A treasure chest 

    9. Australian lawyer Hendrik Jan van Es was caught cheating in an exam in June of this year – but how was caught?

    a) An invigilator spotted notes made on his arm 
    b) He was caught on CCTV stuffing notes down his trousers before entering the exam
    c) He sent someone in his place to sit the exam who subsequently boasted about it on Twitter
    d) He was caught phoning a friend during a toilet break 

    10. 2015 will mark the ___ anniversary of the Magna Carta.

    a) 500th
    b) 700th
    c) 800th  
    d) 900th 

    11. Earlier this year a solicitor appeared on the TV show Dragon’s Den – but what had he invented?

    a) A solar powered laptop 
    b) An inflatable suitcase 
    c) A zippable tie
    d) A sat-nav built into sunglasses  

    12. Which of these is not a real law firm?

    a) Veripoor Lawyers
    b) Partridge Allen 
    c) Wright Hassall 
    d) Godloves Solicitors

    13. In May a US man issued a claim after a dog allegedly bit him – but how much did he demand in damages?

    a) $1
    b) $30 billion
    c) $100 trillion 
    d) $2 undecillion 

    14. Which major company was exposed for setting up fake law firms with names including Chainey D’Amato & Shannon LLP?

    a) British Gas
    b) easyJet
    c) Wonga 
    d) Royal Bank of Scotland 

    15. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling imposed a ban on prisoners being sent _______, which was subsequently ruled unlawful by the courts?

    a) Tobacco 
    b) Books 
    c) Posters 
    d) Shorts

    16. This month a London law student asked a course mate to attend a Christmas Ball as his date – in what unusual way?

    a) Unveiling a hastily painted banner in their land law lecture
    b) Asking her after his final submission during a mooting competition 
    c) A delivery of red roses to her during a contract law seminar 
    d) Issuing her with a ‘Writ of Summons’ 

    Correct Answers:

    1 (b), 2 (d), 3 (a), 4 (d), 5 (b), 6 (c), 7 (a), 8 (c), 9 (b), 10 (c), 11 (c), 12 (a), 13 (d), 14 (c), 15 (b), 16 (d)

    How did you do?

    14 to 16 correct answers = QC of the future

    10 to 13 = Commercially aware

    6 to 9 = Must spend more time on Twitter

    1 to 5 = Where have you been all year?

    All that remains is to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

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