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  • 13 February 2014

    10 reasons to make a law student your Valentine

    1. They'll amaze you with their beauty

    As Tumblr sensation ‘Your Barrister Boyfriend’ identified last year with their ‘hottie’ barrister lists ( men/ women), the Inns of Court are packed with lookers. From ‘Ted Hughes-style lady-killers’ to ‘sexy nerds’, there is a type for everybody. The pair of London-based American writers behind the Tumblr say they regard the ideal British man as ‘a tall, handsome Oxbridge barrister’, while they characterised women barristers as having ‘achieved the seemingly unattainable ideal of contemporary femininity’. Snag one early while they're still at law school...

    2. They'll bring you glamour

    As illustrated by Doughty Street Chambers barrister Amal Alamuddin, who was spotted out dining with George Clooney last year. Most likely the pair's paths crossed on one of the high-profile international human rights cases that Alamuddin is regularly instructed on and in which Clooney takes an interest as a United Nations Goodwill ambassador. That pro bono case your law student girlfriend or boyfriend is working on could be your ticket to schmoozing opportunities with the Hollywood A-list someday.

    3. They'll pay their way

    With median starting salaries for training contracts standing at £39,000, on top of which many firms make available grants for law school fees and living allowances, the career-focused law student is a good bet financially. If all goes to plan, their earnings will rise considerably as they progress to become associates. However, the really big financial rewards are to be found at partner and QC level, although many lawyers opt to prioritise work-life balance and take (still well-paying) roles as in-house counsel at companies.  

    4. They'll increase your social standing

    Being a member of the legal profession carries a high degree of social status. This is partly because lawyers are unusually committed to making the world a better place, as evidenced by the fact that 63% of future lawyers questioned by The Times Student Survey said that they became barristers because they wanted to help people. What's not to like about spending Valentine's Day with a beautiful, glamorous pillar of the community-to-be?

    5. They'll treat you right

    OK, so bankers arguably have greater alpha credentials than lawyers, but do you really want to enter into a romantic liaison with a wannabe Wolf of Wall Street? Lawyers stick to the rules, adhering to the highest standards of professional behaviour because their career depends on it. What better basis on which to select a long term partner?

    6. They'll delight you with their stamina

    Wading through the drier legal documents requires a persistence and resolve that, over time, combines to breed a dependable stamina that can be called upon in all aspects of a lawyer's life. Excitable arts students just can't hope to match this sort of thing.

    7. They'll surprise you

    Lawyers' innate conservatism can bring a certain wildness when they let their hair down. Which other occupation, for example, has taken part in the controversial NekNominate trend? A trainee solicitor AND a district judge both appeared in the tabloids recently after videos of them downing drinks went viral.

    Still not convinced at lawyers' propensity for the unpredictable? Check out this incredible advert created by US personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino which was aired during last month's Superbowl. Featuring, amongst other things, a sledgehammer, burning earth and a gravestone being smashed to pieces, it has been described by the world's media as ‘insanely epic’ and ‘a masterpiece’.

    8. They'll give you space

    With the huge amount of work they have to get through relative to most students of other subjects, even the clingiest of law students won't leave you feeling suffocated. But could your legal lovers' long absences foster insecurity and suspicion? No! Because unless they plan on failing their courses they'll be studying hard in the library. Multiply said effect by at least two when law student becomes lawyer.

    9. They'll protect you

    Admittedly, a propensity to argue doesn't always bode well for relationships. But argumentative streaks can be useful if successfully harnessed. Annoyed by a rowdy group of teens on the bus? Ask your lawyer girlfriend/boyfriend to practise their reasoning skills on them. Your neighbours having a party at 2am? A chance for your other half to negotiate under pressure. Disappointed with your food in a restaurant? A perfect advocacy opportunity!

    10. They'll keep you amused into old age

    Alone, the law can be dull, but with the human interest element of the cases it is fascinating.
    From R v Brown to ‘Badminton star forced to sell Sultan of Brunei's ex-wife's gems worth £12m after she blew £500k in one night gambling in London, court hears’ (as tweeted last week by @CourtNewsUK), court rooms have long been full of incredible stories. What better way to journey into old age than with a partner armed with thousands of such tales?

    And if it doesn't work out? Stay friends and they might even do you a deal on a divorce...

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