• University of Law’s new LL.B law degree shortlisted for EducationInvestor award

    4 July 2013

    Applications for 2013 rise by nearly 70% following successful launch last year

    The University of Law’s unique undergraduate LL.B law degree, which launched in September 2012, has been shortlisted for a prize in the EducationInvestor Awards 2013.

    With 111 enrolments the LL.B (Hons) Law was the most successful law degree launch in England and Wales in 10 years, with a higher number of students in its first year than any of the more than 50 law degrees that launched in the previous decade1.

    Its success looks set to grow in 2013 with application numbers increasing by nearly 70 per cent on last year, with nearly 1,000 applications received so far across the seven nationwide University of Law (ULaw) centres running the programme.

    Now ULaw has been named as one of five finalists in the ‘Education Providers: Higher or Professional’ category of the EducationInvestor Awards.

      The EducationInvestor Awards 2013 - Finalist

    The awards are run by EducationInvestor, a monthly magazine featuring news and analysis of business and political developments in the education sector. The organisers report that this year’s awards have been the most competitive yet, with submissions up nearly 30 per cent on 2012. The winners will be announced in November.

    Professor Scott Slorach, Vice President (Education) at The University of Law, said: “This award nomination is a fitting recognition of the huge amount of investment that went into our new LL.B programme. The course is the first of its kind, grounded on practice-based professional learning designed to prepare students for the modern world of law and focussing on boosting students’ employment prospects.

    “In contrast to many traditional purely academic law degrees, our LL.B has at its heart the teaching of professional skills that are essential when entering the legal profession, alongside academic examination of legal issues. The programme launch was hugely successful and we look forward to witnessing its growth in the coming years.”

    Employability is a key feature of the course, with timetabled workshops to help students understand the career opportunities inherent in the fast-changing legal services market, both in the UK and globally.

    The degree is about the practical development of knowledge and skills, with students examining how law affects individuals and businesses, and can be used to resolve disputes. This enables them to develop a better overall practical understanding of how the law works in realistic, contemporary scenarios, rather than simply studying its historical development.

    In keeping with its reputation in the legal education sector for innovation in learning design, ULaw developed over 600 multimedia learning resources specifically for the LL.B to bring the law to life. These include videos of lawyer/client interactions, film and avatar animations to illustrate leading cases and problem-solving scenarios plus interviews and presentations featuring expert practitioners.

    In its first year the LL.B ran at ULaw’s London Bloomsbury, Birmingham, Chester and Guildford centres as a two-year programme. Its success has led ULaw to extend the programme to its York, Bristol and Manchester centres from September 2013 and to introduce a three-year LL.B at its London Bloomsbury centre to increase student choice regarding study duration.

    In 2014 ULaw is to launch the UK’s first two-year specialist undergraduate degree in international legal practice in response to demand from law firms for lawyers with international specialisms. The LL.B (Hons) Law with International Legal Practice is being introduced alongside the LL.B (Hons) Law and will address the predominance of English law in international business, the increasingly international needs of clients and the cross-border dimensions of many legal transactions.

    ULaw will also offer a series of MLaw programmes including an International MLaw, combining the LL.B with the institution’s unique LL.M Legal Practice Course (LL.M LPC), which incorporates a Masters-level LL.M qualification.

    All LL.B degrees will be available as both two- and three-year courses and in total eight different law degree programmes will be offered at ULaw from 2014.

    The University of Law is the UK’s only specialist university in legal education and has eight nationwide centres.

    1According to figures published by higher education body UCAS, out of the 52 undergraduate law degrees launched by higher education institutions in England and Wales between 2003 and 2011 the highest number of students accepting places in the courses’ first year was 103.

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