• Aspirant Lawyers Can Wait Until 2012 Before Studying Without Delaying Their First Job

  • 17 August 2011

  • Two-year undergraduate law degree from The College of Law starting in September 2012 offers a cost-effective alternative to students who may have missed out on a university place.

    Aspirant lawyers receiving their A-level results tomorrow are being urged to consider the benefits of studying a two-year law degree starting next year, if they miss out in the scramble for university places this year.

    The College of Law is reaching out online and through twitter to students and their parents advising them on the cost efficient alternatives for those unable to start studying for a degree this year:

    • With a total cost of £18,000 in tuition fees and a year’s less living costs the College’s two-year LL.B law degree represents significant savings compared with three-year undergraduate law degrees starting in 2012
    • Students enrolling onto the College’s LL.B when it launches next year will enter the jobs market at the same time as their counterparts starting three-year courses this year, enabling them to take a gap-year before embarking on their career in law
    • With 768 hours of face to face teaching over the two years the LL.B will give students the same amount of contact time as a traditional three-year course
    • Studying at The College of Law will allow students to benefit from the employability expertise harnessed from the College’s close links with employers and the profession.

    The College’s official twitter account (@collegeoflaw) will engage with students and parents of students who are concerned that they are missing out by not attending university this year.

    Parents seeking confirmation of the College’s high standards will also be directed to the QAA’s report following the College’s Institutional Audit, as required every six years.

    The College of Law, the leading provider of professional legal education in Europe, made history when it became the first independent institution to be granted degree awarding powers by the Privy Council in 2006.

    Commenting, College of Law Chief Executive, Nigel Savage said:

    “Alongside the thousands of students who have secured their places at universities this year, there will be thousands more who are worried about starting their courses next year instead.

    “Away from the traditional studying routes, there are other options available. Students who wish to become lawyers should consider applying for our two-year undergraduate law degree beginning in September next year. They will still enter the jobs market at the same time as their friends beginning their studies next month and have a year’s less living costs to worry about.

    “Starting next year gives students the opportunity to go on a gap year or get a temporary job and save some money before taking the all-important first step in their legal career.

    “Here at the College. we focus on teaching students the important skills and knowledge they need to kick start their careers in law, which is why 84 per cent of students who graduated from our Legal Practice Course in 2010 found work in the legal sector within a few months of leaving.”

    Further information from Lucy Wray, Press Officer, The College of Law on 01483 216072 (lucy.wray@lawcol.co.uk)