• College of Law Clinches Exclusive Training Deal with LG

    5 October 2010

    Leading professional legal education provider The College of Law has won an exclusive training deal with international business law firm Lawrence Graham LLP (LG).

    The College will provide the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Legal Practice Course (LPC) for LG’s future trainees, as well as the Professional Skills Course (PSC) once they start work with the firm.

    Under the agreement, which has just come into force this academic year, the majority of the future trainees will study their GDL and LPC at the College’s London Moorgate centre, although they can opt to attend any of the eight College locations around the UK for the GDL.

    At LPC level the students will undertake the College’s specialist corporate study route, which is specifically tailored towards preparing them for work in a corporate law firm.

    LG is headquartered in London and a significant proportion of its work is global, with offices in Dubai, Monaco and Moscow and a network of relationships with lawyers in key jurisdictions, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and India.

    The firm takes on approximately 20 trainees each year and operates across a range of industry sectors including banking, real estate, private capital, energy and natural resources, healthcare and technology.

    Geoff Gouriet, Graduate Recruitment partner at LG said: “We wanted to enter into an exclusive relationship with a single provider to ensure a more consistent approach to training and an integrated introduction to practice. We are delighted to be working with The College of Law whose experience and approach ensures our graduate recruits will receive legal and practical training of the highest standard."

    Geoff Gouriet, Graduate Recruitment partner at LGGeoff Gouriet, Graduate Recruitment partner at LG

    Imogen Burton, Business Development Director for The College of Law said: “LG was particularly impressed by the College’s innovative, practice-based and rigorous training methods and we are very pleased to be working with them. This relationship will allow LG to keep in close touch with its future trainees from an early stage and will better prepare the trainees for life in practice when they join the firm."

    Further information

    Contact Lucy Wray, Press Officer, The College of Law on 01483 216072 (lucy.wray@lawcol.co.uk).