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W200 Module description

This module is intended for a broad cross-section of students, and lays the foundation for the future study of all the other areas of law.

It provides:

  • a grounding in the English legal system and method
  • an introduction to a range of the ‘Foundations of Legal Knowledge’ (Public Law, Criminal Law, the Law of Obligations i.e. Contract and Tort) that make up a 'Qualifying Law Degree'
  • an in-depth examination of European Union law, a full ‘Foundation of Legal Knowledge’ in relation to this area of law.

In outline the module:

  • begins by asking, ‘What is the law?’ and teaches you how to find, read, interpret and apply it
  • covers the modern English legal system and how it operates, and includes a brief introduction to the Scottish legal system
  • introduces a number of areas of substantive English law (e.g. Crime, Tort) in outline
  • provides an introduction to the principles of legal research using both paper and electronic sources
  • examines the European Union’s legal system, contrasting it with the English system
  • looks at the supremacy of EU law, the single internal market, the fundamental freedoms, citizenship of the Union and the likely future development of the Union
  • includes consideration of areas in which EU law is important in daily life; social policy, free movement of workers, businesses and goods between EU member states, and competition law. At least one-third of W200 is devoted to EU law, reflecting its increasing relevance both to businesses and individuals.

Click the link for a more detailed description of the module and its contents.